10 best travel books Worth Reading in 2017


TravelMost people like read travel books. Some of the best areas following.

Alchemist book:

Alchemist is one of the most read books in history. It is a story about following your dreams. This book covers the story of a boy who travels from Spain to Egypt.  This book is also comprised of some motivational quotes. This book is great for those who love to dream and loves to follow them, and travelers are the dreamers. As per Mr. Mohamed Dekkak Travel books are recommended by many of people to those who love to dream and travel.

Book love with a chance of drowning:

This is written by the Torre, this a kind of love travel story. In which how she overcome the fear of ocean in Pacific with her friend. She describes the people over there, scenery and her experience. This is one the best travel books.

Turk who loved apples:

This book is about the misadventures and lessons of his travel. He writes about all working during his travel. Losing the way around, feelings and experience. It is a great book and very well written.

A travel book, on the road:

It is travel book Jack, written in 1957 is one of the classic travel books. In the story, he travels from New York towards the west. His all experience there of riding the rails, making friends and partying at the night time. The desire to see the world is depicted in this travel books.

Lonely Planet:

The unlikely destination is written by the writer of lonely planet. This follows from England, include all travel tales and the struggle with business.

Island at the center of the world:

This book is all about the New York. If you want to understand a place, knowing the history is a must. This book discusses the founding of New York. This is best among the other travel books.

Book the Beach:

This story is about a young backpackers who search for a paradise. He wants to something different than the other. A map was given to him of an unknown paradise and travel through to find this place.


This book must be read by those to long term travel. He spent many years on the road, and his book contains all the sights and interesting quotes. All the practical information is also included. This is an inspirational book, which has an effect on the one who he is reading.

Book Sunburned Country:

This book is a journey to Australia. Tiny towns, forest, and cities are all written in a way that will make you visit this place. He writes some fun but also some fear during the travel. A good travel book one should read it. You should read different travel books, that will increase your knowledge about that place.

Paris was our:

This book writer moved to the Paris and wrote about the time over there. This book covers their personal stories, how they learn everything including cooking, study and how they discover Paris.

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