Arab world a fantasy

Arab world

Arab worldThe Arab world is full of fantasies and colorful histories. Many childhood stories, dreams, and luxuries belong to the Arab world. Arabs have their class and lifestyles. Arabs are one of the wealthy and prominent ¬ in the world. There are almost 22 countries in Arab league. Arabs are Arabic speaking. These peoples are rich. Their land comprises of deserts.

Culture of Arab world:

The word Arab means poet or one who is good at speaking. Arabians are literature loving and have a strong command over poems. Moreover, literature in Arabic is known as adab which means manners or invitation to come over a meal. They seem interested in praising sultans through songs known as muallaqat. The riq is widely used Islamic instruments of Arab music industry. One can read many folktales of Arab world out of these antra and able is popular most.

Arab Territories:

Arab world includes Africa and Asian world. Arab world started from the Atlantic Ocean and moved towards the Arabian Sea. Also from Mediterranean Sea towards the north of Africa and Indian Ocean Total population of the Arab world is 422 million. Arab world includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen. Algeria being the largest country in the Arab world. Arab`s Occupation Arab constitutes around one-fourth of the Muslim population. Ottoman is one of the most successful Empires of the Arab world; it was demolished after World War 1. Different types of government are represented in the Arab world. This includes monarchies; Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are some of the monarchies governed governments. The government of other Arab countries is Republicans.

Arab profession:

Trade is the ancient occupation of the Arab population. They are among top ten petroleum exporters o world. Whereas Africa and Algeria and top gas exporters. Arab world holds special place in world politics due to an extensive resource of gas and petroleum. Al most 46% of the world oil reserves are in the Arab world, and almost one-fourth of natural gas reserves are in the Arab world. So their primary source of income is petroleum. Moreover, they have reserves of gold and silver.

Arab Food:

One thing is extensively found in Arab food that is olive oil. In meat, they love to eat lamb and chicken. They have tradition dish “damphu kWh”. In this, a whole lamb is hanged over the fire for a night and filled with rice. Dairy products are extensively used especially yogurt, butter, and cheese. Saffron, sesame, black pepper, garlic, and cumin are some spices loved by all. Dates are found extensively in the Arab world. Green tea(kawa)Is served as a starter drink.Arabs have a particular taste of coffee. Normally people have lunch as their main meal, whereas dinner is lightest meal.

Arab are not Race

Here, it should be cleared that Arab is not race but arab world is mixture of different races. In fact, Arabs consist of different races including Africans.You may also locate American or white Arabs.  Only Peoples of the Middle East are regards as Arabs, however, this concept is wrong.

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